The Seven Stages Of A Scorned Woman


Many have asked on what to do if a woman is scorned, how to calm her down, what causes her outbursts, what triggers her anger, how long does this last or how others handled similar situations. The answer is, it is complicated. There may be different reasons why a woman feels angry and scornful. You can share this with your friends or family.

A woman’s anger may vary to the situation, their age, relationship status, maturity, personality and attitude, history about family, relationship and social history, self-awareness, work, or interpersonal dynamics. “The outbursts are becoming not only more frequent but maybe also scary,” adds Jasmin Jourdenais LMFT.

When a woman became scornful, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have done something terrible. It may be a mere chatting with a female colleague who made your woman jealous. So, as expected, if you are doing terrible things behind her back, she will be scornful towards you.

Here’s a story: there was once a woman who was open-hearted but came to a point where she became broken and decided to be an independent woman. She became a hard person and eventually killed her feelings and became a man-hater. She had undergone these seven stages of scorn:

Stage #1: Tears And Melodrama


The first stage a scorned is crying and do some drama to get the attention of their man. They may result in doing unimaginable actions to be able to manipulate others. Here is an example:

A couple went fighting. The girl walked out of their place and then crouch and cry in the street. Afterward, when they went to the movies, the guy went out with his friends and left the woman alone tending for herself. Disappointment, she left the movie house, went back home without money and soaking wet from the rain. She locked herself in the bathroom and cut her wrists thinking that her actions will eventually catch the attention of her man.

Stage #2: Weaponized Sexuality

Retaliation is one way of getting even with the other person. A woman may use her sexuality to manipulate other men and use it as a means of getting even. Here’s the continuation of the story above:

As the woman matured, she became a vindictive person. After being rejected, she promised herself that she would be done with that man who refused her and felt that she wanted to reel him back by using her sexually. She tormented men who left her by sending them different sexual temptations. She sends them voice recordings of moans, sexy selfies, sexting, and videos. She eventually used her body and her sex abilities to torment them. She also convinced herself that she only needs harmless sex, but she is just lying to herself. Instead of walking away out to worthlessness, she led herself into being a shameless woman.

Stage #3: Silent Rage

“The challenge with anger is finding a way to express it in a way that doesn’t make others want to shut down or become defensive or scared.”  John M. Grohol, Psy.D. said. This stage is where a woman accumulates her anger before she shows you how angry they are. It is the time where they are secretly gathering information about you that will lead to arguments. Here are samples:

Women use social media to check their man’s messages and activities. They could see which status the man liked, who is he chatting with, and can read his conversations. Women can even create theories of situations you thought were harmless.

Stage #4: Rage Expressed

This stage is where the constant swearing, yelling and verbalizing the problem is. It is also the stage where the woman may eventually indirectly attack him by breaking his hobbies, things, and interests, having arguments with his family or his friends, or worse, ruining his career.

In this stage, a woman may also feel extremely angry because the man may not be able to give what she demands, or cannot be manipulated. This is the stage where the most illogical and embarrassing behavior will come out and eventually damage a woman’s reputation and image.

Stage #5: Remorse


After the sudden rage, most women will feel like they need to apologize for the damage they have done and the cruelty they showed. The remorse they feel is genuine, and they are now aware of the responsibility of their actions. But then, if the man did not show any sincere response, a woman may lead to the next stage thinking what made her apologize to him.

Stage #6: Mafia-Style Rage

In this stage, a woman can also do the unimaginable actions, like wearing clothes of the man, wrecking his vehicle or doing nasty tricks on him. It helps women to express their emotions, the feelings of betrayal disappointment, resentment and rejection.

Stage #7: Detachment

“Anger is not the enemy. It is how we respond to our own anger that can get us into trouble.”  Glenn Goldman, MA, LPC explains. When you trigger a woman’s anger, they will eventually hate you and cut you off in their life. Your relationship with her can turn from the family into strangers. This also comes with other issues. It may be issues from another person, totally related or unrelated to you, or from other situations that similar to your current situations.

In general, a woman’s scorn can turn a sane woman to insanity. It corrupts a woman’s heart, and it also damages her relationship with you and with others.