If Your Child Has ADHD

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The specialist I went to was said to have completed a continuing education program held at the 2017 ADHD Conference. I had to go to a specialist in mental health because of my son. He has ADHD or Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The term was new to my ears back then. I mean, in the seventies, all kids were hyper since we did not have gadgets and smart TV’s. We played, we ran, and we climbed trees back then. Everyone was hyper.

But now, it is different. Kids who display an extra hyperactive behavior coupled with being inattentive is at risk of having ADHD. They need to be checked out and assessed by a neurodevelopmental pediatrician. And these children must go to therapy so that their behavior can be curbed. I mean, what is wrong with being playful and hyper? We did not have this type of “disorder” when we were young. And we were all normal.

That was how I saw the whole thing back then. I did not see it clearly, and I failed to look at it as a whole. Of course, we were all “normal,” and we did not have the “disorder” because we were not ADHD kids. And unfortunately, my son has this condition. With that, I must do everything in my ability to help him.

Source: pexels.com

Children with ADHD are not stupid. They are not crazy. These kids are not abnormal, either. I would like to stress these things out. They are very normal, but since they have a spike in their hormones, these ADHD kids are more playful, more hyper, and can be at time inattentive or lack focus. The good thing about this disorder is that it can be curbed. With intervention measures, the child can control his ADHD.

As for my son, after this diagnosis and assessment, he was subjected to Occupational Therapy. This type of therapy was for his behavior, to teach him social cues and more. He also underwent Speech Therapy since he was thinking so fast, and it affected his speech. The specialist also wanted my son to take Educational Therapy, so that he could read and write, apart from other things.

My son is doing well now, and with all those lessons and therapy sessions, he is not that hyper any longer.