Covid-19 Positive: The Mental Health Torture Of Being Alone

Ever since this pandemic started, many people experienced all sorts of problems. The common one is the financial strain because of limited resources. They complain about losing their jobs. The situation hinders them from providing for their needs as well as their families. Then there is the boredom and inactivity. Since the health protocol requires a lockdown to flatten the curve of the virus, everyone automatically stayed at home due to mandatory health concerns.

Those are the usual things about the pandemic that everybody knows. And despite those unfortunate circumstances, a lot of people are still thankful for their lives. Many of them even choose to stay optimistic about the situation because they still have their family alive and healthy. But have you tried to wonder what happened to those people who contracted the virus? Have you ever thought about what their lives are like? Have you asked them how they feel once they found out they are positive with the disease? Let me walk you through the things about it that perhaps you didn’t know.


The Isolation

You are way too familiar with social distancing and all that. It is a necessary action that helps in slowing down the number of infected people. You know for sure that once an individual gets positive with the virus, immediate isolation is needed. There is nothing that person can do. But have you imagined how emotionally and mentally painful it is for the person to accept isolation only to save hundreds of different lives? You probably admire that individual’s courage because there is indeed a weighing sacrifice that the person has to make. That includes living far away from his family, staying in a four-cornered room without another individual on sight, and sleeping in bed alone at night. But frankly, that person does not care about other people’s lives. He thinks of the misery and sorrow of his situation, being unable to be with the people he needed the most.


With that in mind, perhaps now you understand why some other people infected with the virus choose not to tell everyone about their current condition. That is because they do not want to be isolated. They are afraid to be alone because they know even a limited amount of time can make them feel empty, lonely, and devastated. There is nothing there in an enclosed facility. And even if they get to stay quarantined in their own homes, their family and friends would not still be there with them. It is entirely a painful battle that no one will understand, not until they are in the same spot enduring the same physical, mental, and emotional struggle. Everything is farther than what anyone says they can handle.


Meanwhile, there are those people who are always showing support. Those are individuals who somehow understand the situation. But would it trouble you to know that their supposed concerns are useless? That whatever good and encouraging words they may tell a person with Covid-19 will not work? Apparently, everything is different for the person with the disease. There are too many things going on in his head that are often unbearable. The agony of wanting to go outside and waiting for better results are too overwhelming. There is only the thought of wanting to be with his family again. Unfortunately, that is not an option.

The mental torture of isolation plus the information about Coronavirus is terrifying. In some instances, it can cause an individual to break down and cry for no reason. Having no one around and not seeing a single soul can entirely make a massive alteration into looking at things about life. At some point, it can pull all sorts of negative thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings can lead to an extreme level of emptiness, which turns into hopelessness, that will eventually encourage self-harm and suicide. You may think that it is an overreaction. But tell that to those people locked in a space and only have themselves for comfort.



Perhaps you believe there are some things that you or other people can do to save an infected person’s mental health. But honestly, to tell you frankly, there is nothing you can do. Your words, no matter how encouraging and amazing they are to hear, it is not going to make a difference. The only person that can help that individual is himself. That person needs to understand that for him to get through the mental and emotional stage of isolation, he must acknowledge life as it is. There should be an understanding that unfairness exists. That no matter how thoughtful and well-informed a person is, there is still no assurance of everything. Things happen for a reason. His emotions and thoughts should come together to enable himself to get the optimism he needs, even if there is no guarantee of getting better.