2014 Oakland Blogging Symposium: Tips On Protecting Yourself Against Blogging Stress

When our team decided to join the 2014 Oakland Blogging Symposium, our primary objective was to learn how to inform a bigger audience about mental health in a less formal style. We wanted to spread awareness about this field, and that was – and still is – the fastest way to make it happen. What we did not foresee, though, was the reality that the number of passionate bloggers out there is almost equal to the number of stressed folks in the same community.

To protect yourself against stress as a blogger, these are the things you should do.

Source: unsplash.com

1. Avoid Focusing On Blogging 24/7

The worst thing that you can ever think of doing is letting your life revolve around the blog. Yes, it is practically like a startup business that requires a lot of attention to ensu0re that readers continue to visit the website. However, in case you forget to socialize and spend some time with your loved ones or pick up a new hobby, it might burn you out in time.

2. Write About Topics You Feel Interested In

You should also never try to dabble into areas that you are not genuinely interested in for the sake of finding out how your readers will react to it. If they end up liking it, how can you keep on producing more content? If you get a bad rep because of it, how will you be able to gain their trust and attention again? Hence, to remain on the safe side, you should only focus on topics that you know extensively.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Find Something To Be Thankful For

Lastly, no matter how slow the traffic is to your website, you should think of things to be thankful for. For instance, the money still flows in your bank account, or your most avid readers continue to follow you. Once you allow those thoughts to settle in your heart and mind, you will have a better reason not to let stress dictate your actions.


There’s no harm in investing time and effort to improve your blogs, but you need to do it in moderation. Otherwise, you may end up leaving it because you can no longer handle the stress it comes with.