11 Ways You Can Start Prioritizing Your Mental Health

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When the talk is about improving oneself, it will eventually lead to healthy eating, working out and getting enough sleep. However, there are times that despite following all these tips, sometimes, nothing seems to work. You are still restless even long before the day ends. Maybe your diet, your physical activities, and sleep is not the problem; perhaps it has to do with your mental health.

Mental health is one of the most neglected aspects of human well-being. People are so focused on the other elements that they don’t realize they also need to check their mental health once in a while. However, it is never too late to start caring about your mental health, below are tips on how you can prioritize your mental health.

Daily 10-Minute Walk

Getting those legs working out is right for your brain. Ten minutes’ walk is already enough to clear brain head from all the thoughts that keep your mind stressed out. And as it was also found out any physical activity can lift your mood. “Just a five-minute walk before you get in your car to go to work or hole up with your computer in your home office can not only give you an extra boost of motivation, but also give your thoughts some time to settle and get organized. So resist the urge to occupy yourself with your phone while you do it!” An example from Andrea Bonior, PhD, clinical psychologist.

Gratitude Journal

Keeping a gratitude journal will enable you to realize how blessed you are. Jolting it down in written words will remind you that there is so much to thank for than thinking back on the things that keep your mood down. “Journaling is great for enhancing self-awareness through helping us detect and track patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings.” Alison Stone, LCSW said.

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See Your Friends Often

Being with your friends will enable you to enjoy other people’s company. The talk and the laughter can eliminate all the negatives thoughts aside and bring in a good mood to you. Being distracted and away from the things that can jerk up your stress level can bring in excellent benefits for your mental state.

Eliminate Multi-Tasking

Though multi-tasking may be recommended in your office, it does no good for your mental health. Multi-tasking puts you on edge and, it brings up the pressure in you. This will let you do things at the same time, pressing in more stress into your brain. Multi-tasking may be beneficial to your work, but your mental health would suffer. It is recommended that you only work within your speed, accord, and capability. It will be good for your mental health.

Say NO

Know your limitations and learn to say NO. Only accept tasks or responsibilities that you thought that is in your field. And reject those that are not. Doing the work that is beyond your limitations will only pressure you and pushes you to do more things than you can do. Saying yes to all can bring in discomfort and tension to your mental health.

Enjoy Life

Now and then, go out and have some fun. Take a vacation, buy something and get some massage. There is no need to feel guilty about getting all these. You deserve this. Everyone does. You need this to get your head off the things that can bring in stress to you. Enjoying life is mental health’s vacation.

Enough Sleep

According to experts, not having that much-needed sleep can trigger mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Sleep allows your brain to rest and get re-energized. So depriving oneself of it is like enslaving your mind. Thus, sleep is essential. Make time for it.


Self-talking is normal. But be careful with it. If you notice that the ideas are full of negativity, counter it with definite plans. This will keep yourself from entertaining those negativities that can pull your mood down. “Research shows that how you think about yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel. Practice using words that promote feelings of self-worth and personal power. Give yourself a positive pep-talk.” Dr. Aaron Kaplan, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist explains. 

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Read, Learn More

It is a universal fact that reading is good for the brain. Reading is like the brain’s workout session. With reading, you get to learn more things, get information and get your mind on the move which is very beneficial for its well-being.


Meditating now and then. The said activity enables the brain to release psychological stress and get it into rest. Meditating relaxes the mind and at the same time reenergize it. You can do meditation alone, or you can enroll in yoga sessions. After some time, you will be amazed by the effect of the said activity to your overall health.

See A Therapist

If something is bothering you and talking to a friend is not that enough, you can see a therapist for help. The therapist is the mental health professional who can help you sort your thoughts and can recommend an intervention that can help put your mental health be on the right track.

Considering your mental health can also bring in amazing benefits to your body. When all aspects in your overall health are checked, and on track, for sure, you will be amazed at how good your body feels. Your mental health holds your mental and emotional state. Thus, if something is not right with it, your body will bug down because of it.